Adela Groth, Graduate Architect

Adela Groth is a graduate architect at MDA. Adela uses her experience from both MDA veterinary and MDA commercial design studios to see a project through from initial thoughts and dreams into the constructability of a final design. Adela enjoys stepping into the shoes of the user to help envision a space made for the people who inhabit it. Some of her favorite elements of architecture are the small moments designed to inspire people and give them a sense of discovery as they learn about the nooks and hidden treasures in a building.

Adela has a passion for learning new things. Outside of the office, she enjoys experimental cooking and views it as the cheapest way to travel abroad in the comfort of one’s own kitchen. She also enjoys gardening, both flowers and vegetables, and watching the backyard transform from tilled earth into a living, growing thing. Adela always finds ways to learn more and enjoys having in-depth discussions about new things with her family who also share her passion. As a lifelong learner, she recognizes that everyone has something new and exciting to offer the world.

Favorite Quote:

Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of the earth.
— Luther Standing Bear