Haylee Moscato

Interior Design

Haylee earned an Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design and a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation. She’s accumulated years of experience as an Interior Designer and has worked in a variety of industries like offices, multifamily, government, and animal care facilities. She’s passionate about her craft and enjoys putting her creativity into each project with hopes of exceeding every client’s expectations.

From project conception to completion, Haylee focuses on aligning project goals and client needs while also adhering to relevant building codes, inspection requirements, and existing conditions of the space. She assists with negotiating fees, setting project schedules, material selection, and works closely with other architects, designers, and contractors during the entirety of the project.

Haylee’s creativity isn’t limited to her professional work. Outside of the office, she enjoys the outlets of storytelling, creating art, reading fantasy and historical fiction, traveling, and never turns down the opportunity to try something new.

Haylee's Favorite Quote:

“If you can dream it, do it."

- Walt Disney

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