Michael Schornack, Project Manager

Michael Schornack is a project manager at MDA. Michael manages projects small and large, assists clients during the design process of their projects and navigates through the construction process. He enjoys the creation of livable and exciting spaces through teamwork by transforming ideas and concepts into a reality for clients. This includes interpreting building codes and regulations, as well as writing specifications. 

Michael believes building codes and regulations get in the way of common sense once in a while, therefore it is important to understand the spirit of a law and design accordingly towards the safety and welfare of the users, not to only satisfy the written word.  

Michael received his architectural degree in Germany, where he was born and raised. During his studies he interned with an architectural office in Ohio and was offered the chance of a lifetime: to move to the USA and pursue his dream of working in the architectural field. After 15 years he became a Hoosier and started working for MD Architects.

Michael enjoys doing anything outdoors including hiking and biking in the summer, skiing in the winter. He also loves to cook. As a German he is known for a mean Sauerkraut, which he claims is authentic. 

Favorite Quote: 

Learn the rules well so you know how to break them properly.
— Dalai Lama