Synetha Robinson

Construction Management

Originally hailing from Nashville, TN, Synetha recently moved to the Indianapolis area and began her career with MD Architects as a Project Coordinator. She has an Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design, an Associate’s Degree in Architecture, and a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management. While living down South, she accumulated 20+ years of experience in the commercial construction industry as an Interior Estimator, creating budgets for schools, hotels, commercial buildings, and government facilities.

At MDA, Synetha is responsible for overseeing the details of planning, permits, design, and the construction process of each project. She collaborates directly with clients throughout the design lifecycle and is quick to address concerns and solve problems as they arise.

When she’s not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, twins, and Indy family. Synetha’s love of photography duals as a hobby and side business, and she stays busy shooting real estate, weddings, and headshots.

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