Paula Mastbrook



Paula graduated from Ball State University with her Bachelor of Architecture before moving to London to pursue design. After making her way back to the Hoosier state, she’s built a decades-long architectural career that includes designing higher education, human healthcare, and animal-care facilities.

Within the Indianapolis studio, Paula focuses on fine-tuning schematic designs for constructability and code compliance, while keeping functionality, durability, and desired aesthetics at the forefront. She remains closely tied to projects throughout their entirety to ensure the final product matches the design intent the team and client have originally prepared.

Outside of the office, Paula loves to be with her family and friends, getting creative in the kitchen, tending to her plants, and nappy with her cats. She has 34 nieces and nephews, and 30 great-nieces and great-nephews, and she enjoys supporting their endeavors and cheering them on at their NCAA D1 sports.

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