DVM 360 Merit Award Announced

Hearthwood Veterinary Hospital

Originally published by Architectural Werks, Inc. 


We congratulate Hearthwood Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver, Washington for their recently announced merit award in the nation’s largest annual hospital design competition.

Dr. Kopman and his entire staff worked tirelessly with our team to expand on the success of his much loved and charming, but antiquated, facility which they had simply grown out of over the last 40 years. The challenge given to our team was to keep the cozy warm atmosphere of the previous facility while improving patient flow and expanding the space for continued growth and the more efficient use of staff.

As noted by the DVM 360 Staff “Not only did (Dr. Kopman) get the design he longed for, he also maintained and even enhanced the ambiance they were known for. And that excellence in design earned Hearthwood Veterinary Hospital a Merit Award in the 2020 dvm360 Hospital Design Competition.”


To read more, please check out the original DVM360 article here: Hospital design: A touch of old, a bunch of new-dvm360

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March 12, 2021

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