Edgar Salas, Project Manager

Edgar Salas is a graduate of the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University with over 26 years of experience. Edgar brings a broad range of expertise to MDA including project development, project design, construction administration, and leadership in all phases of project delivery. 

Edgar believes that sound design can be found in the simplicity of all things, and therefore a successful project emanates from clear succinct ideas which compliment a balance of aesthetic factors with a strong entwining purpose of the environment being created.  

He is keenly interested in American and world history and believes that events of the past greatly influence everyday life in unsuspecting ways. Edgar enjoys time with his family and feel they are the very core of his life. He is convinced that if Architecture would not have been part of his life, he would have made cooking a career path.

Favorite Quote: 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln